Planning a Memorable Birthday Celebration

1. Execution of birthday, wedding, engagement cakes, cream and fondant cakes, 3D cakes, mini cakes and bento cakes
2. Organizing and implementing the design of all kinds of celebrations
Birthday, engagement, inauguration, dental celebration, gender reassignment celebration and...
3. Face-to-face and online trainings
3-1) Face-to-face classes: The trainings from 0 to 100 for each course are planned so that the beginner student is practically trained from the first rules of work and during the course, he learns and practices the advanced techniques well. At the end, he takes home the cake or decor he has trained and implemented, and after completing the course, he becomes a member of the troubleshooting group, and unlimited support is provided for the students.
These trainings include workshops
- Comprehensive class of fondant cakes
_ Comprehensive class of cream cakes
- Doll making class and advanced toppers
- Class of sugar flowers and painting on fondant
- Cookie and icing class
- Comprehensive class of 3D cakes
- Cafe, Russian and modern honey cakes class
2-3) Online classes
- Slow class
- Class of Eid sweets
- Fresh sweets class
- Class of modern cookies
- Kennedy Bar comprehensive class
- A lot of diet sweets
- Supermarket cake class
- Puppet making class
- Cake texture class
4. Implementation of all kinds of finger food and tasting tables with the freshest ingredients.
Each product is cooked according to the customer's order
5. Serving a variety of single and multi-person desserts with the freshest fruits and ingredients
Execution of all kinds of cookies with your desired design for all kinds of occasions​​​​​​